Monday, March 15, 2010

<<Customer Introductions>>

"Aaaaggggrrrr" - This master barbarian is intent on having the newest and best weapons and armor. To keep him well equipped, you'll need to meet his demands with speed and perfection.

"Who goes there? Gosh darn it, the fishing contest is about to begin!" - This once ferocious but now retired pirate is nothing more than an old fisherman. Help maintain his equipment and he'll keep to himself.

"How can I carry out my orders without my sword?" - Help this murderous (but forgetful) Kunoichi Ninja by replacing her forgotten sword. As absent minded as she is, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get his business.

"Beware of my latest magic! Oh, excuse me dear goblin, can you please give me ..." -This powerful yet senile magician can make for an interesting customer. He's often plagued by his own misplaced spells. Don't get to close to him or you'll end being his next mistaken victim.
"Give me your best! Otherwise..." - This ornery old ronin is as impatient as they come. Give him what he wants and do it quick. Failure to comply will have its consequences.

"Ahhh... what a good run that was!" - Freshly back from his last raid, this thief often washes his stolen money by purchasing your high-end goods. Keep an eye on this customer as he won't hesitate to steel from you given the chance.

"Doh! Gotta Run!" - This self-indulgent knight won't hesitate to leave before his order has been completed, leaving you with unsold inventory. You'll need to be quick on your feet to complete an order with him.

"As it was, you now know." - Speaking in code, this hypochondriacal assassin thinks he's your best friend. His rambling is understood by no one. You probably won't fare any better.

"The weather today is perfect for hunting!" - This huntress is only interested in flawless performances. She's a classy perfectionist that is willing to wait. Her standards are high, don't let her down.

"Got anything good?" - This vagabond slash weapons trafficker has one of everything in his weapons pack. He trusts your work and is willing to wait for it. Serve him well, he's one of your few dependable "regulars".

"Money ... money ... money ... ... ..." - When night falls, a group of these marauders plan devastating raids on nearby ranches. (They also make a guest appearance in one of the minigames.)

<< The Goblin's Workshop >>

The mine shaft. It all starts here.

The Blacksmith. From the freshly mined ore into your weapon of choice.

The Engraving Room. Turn anything you mine into sparkling, high profit goods!

The Troll Hole. Goblin's good friend the troll always comes in handy. Dump your unwanted items here. It's a bottomless pit.

The Siesta Room. When you're tired, this is the only place to be.

The Coal Room. Keep your equipment running at full force by keeping things hot down under.

Storage Room. Experienced Goblins will have plenty of stock in reserve for when business really heats up.

Barbecue Pit. You'll be here often appeasing impatient customers. Thank goodness for the plethora of rats!

The Storefront. This is where all the transactions take place. With hard work, you'll see these humble beginnings transform into a bustling modern shopping mecca.